How to make a change

Problem solving

Now you’re motivated (read my blog `motivation’ first), we’re going to work problem solving.

The fact that you’re motivated tells that you recognize that there are more negative effects about your behaviour than positive. Our thoughts are central on regulating our behaviour. The reason why a lot of people don’t change is because they think they can’t. It’s important to know that these thoughts/convictions aren’t facts but hypotheses. In other words: these are your predictions about how good you’ll do and that doesn’t mean that it will be that way. You can do much more than you think.

Find out what your stumbling block is and look how you can avoid this. For me, for example: every time I got bored I took something to drink or eat. So, when I felt bored, I did something active instead. Like walking or weight lifting. Is your stumbling block struggling with leaving your bad behaviour? Then go back finding your motivation, think about why you want to change. Look at other people who changed and their good results. I had a picture of myself at my prom at my wardrobe. That picture made me think about how bad I felt while fitting dresses because I felt so fat. It gave me motivation.

Before you can change your behaviour, you must make a very detailed goal. You should define what you want to achieve and in how much time you time you want to achieve it. I weighed 81,6 kilo/ 179,90 lbs and my goal was to weight 60 kilo/132,28 lbs. I wanted to achieve that in eight months, that’s 2,7 kilo/5,95 lbs/ month. So, every Friday I weighed myself and there had to be +-0,7 kilo/1,54 lbs down.

How are you going to achieve your goal? You’ll read it in my next blog!


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