How to make a change


Being motivated is the key to make a change. Motivation doesn’t mean that you suddenly like the things you must do, it means that you now have a reason which pushes yourself to achieve your goals. Motivation needs to come from in yourself, you don’t change because people tell you to.

So how can you get motivated? First, ask yourself which benefits you get from your behavior. For me, for example, eating gave me a temporary satisfaction to my hunger feeling and it gave me something to do when I got bored. Then, ask yourself what negative consequences it has for you and yourenvironment. For example, I could not wear the clothes I wanted because they didn’t fit me. My body made me feel insecure on a daily basis and caused me to stay at home. I isolated myself from my social life.

Now you have positive and negative consequences, this gives you a cognitive dissonance, that means that in your head it can only be positive or negative. We don’t like having a cognitive dissonance so we’re going to reject one of the two.If you think that the negative consequences are bigger than the positive, you’ll get motivated to change your bad habits. For myself, the negative consequences had a bigger impact than the positive consequences, this convinced me that it was useful to change my bad habits and therefor motivated me to change them. When you’re motivated your self-reliance will grow and it will give you more chances of success.

TO DO: take 2 pencils and a paper. Write the positive consequences of your bad habits in green and the negative consequences in red. Think about how much impact both consequences have on your life, not for 5 seconds but think really well. And what we’re going to do with that motivation, I’ll tell you in my next post!

I hope you enjoy my blog and that you’re motivated when I post my new one. Thanks for reading and good luck!


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